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    Roman Blinds

    Soft & Luxurious

    Roman blinds are a softer looking window treatment, which gives a different feel to other blinds.

    Romans add an air of luxury and comfort to any room. Ideal for bedrooms and living rooms, these soft furnished blinds are available in a variety of fabrics. Our Roman blinds offer practical functionality as well as opulent design.

    Roman blinds not only offer excellent sun protection but also provide a thermal barrier in the cold months as well as privacy. All Romans come with a standard lining; however if you would like a bit of extra comfort and privacy we can add additional thermal and/or blackout linings – perfect for muffling the sounds of outside traffic and keeping in the warmth.

    Plus, due to their versatility, they add a look of sophistication to complete the look of any style home, from contemporary to traditional. Check out our collection of fabrics as well as our available colours and patterns…all of which are expertly selected to remain on trend with modern, classic, and popular styles.

    All our Roman blinds are hand stitched the traditional way, by stitching the rods directly into the lining without using tape, which can affect the natural drop of the fabric.